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Musical Instrument Lesson Application Form

My child attends*
My Child would like to learn (Click into the required radio button if you want your child to learn more than one instrument, please submit a second form)
I need to hire this instrument from the school (leave blank or click the required radio button)
I understand that to achieve the maximum progression, my child should have an instrument at home that they can practice on.*
My child is in receipt of Pupil Premium, and I would like to use the PP allowance to pay towards the cost.
In line with GDPR legislation, I agree to my data being shared with the instrumental teacher so that payment and details can be arranged. The school do not manage the bookings and payments, therefore if you wish to proceed, data will need to be shared.*
I have read and agree with the full terms and conditions of the Peri contract which is displayed on this page of the website.*
I agree to a one year contract and understand that if I wish to stop I will give half a term's notice.*