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Parent Questionnaire

What our Parents/Carers said:

I appreciated the school extending the school day for all the children, even if they worked hard

through lockdown. Not just the ones who hadn't met targets etc.


Thank you all for being the absolute best team of committed, enthusiastic and nurturing, wonderful



Good remote learning for children through Covid.


Excellent support for ALL children when they returned, including the extended school days to ensure

that all school received catch up support rather than those classified as more vulnerable

(government term)


Great teacher this year who has really encouraged and inspired our son to ENJOY reading.

Very good communications from school, especially throughout Covid, parents are always reliably



The staff and school as a whole have been fantastic in their support during this year and lockdown

periods in particular. Thank you so much for adapting and maintaining a high level of education.


Thank you all for your hard work during the pandemic - we know it must have been challenging!


My son loves this school, he settled in so well from the beginning and I think he’s doing very well.

We think the teachers are absolutely amazing and couldn’t praise them enough for all their hard

work and commitment. Thank you very much Canford Heath School for everything you do every

single day for our children!


I feel my child has thrived at CHJS and would recommend this school to others.


I think the school and staff have been amazing throughout this incredibly difficult time. Despite all

the additional measures and changes that have had to be put in place, they have always put the

children's needs first and ensured that the high level of education is maintained whilst ensuring the

children feel safe during the worrying time of the pandemic. I feel very lucky that my son attends

such a wonderful school!


With all the challenges presented to us this year, our son has continued to be happy and make

excellent progress. A big thank you to everyone!!


My daughter has transitioned very well this year, despite all the disruptions. She feels welcomed by

all the staff and her class. She loves her music classes and the fact that the school embraces music so

fully as if it's a core subject has been wonderful for her.


The school have been amazing throughout the pandemic, well done to all of you!


The emphasis placed on all round development rather than just academia makes this school an

absolute joy.


The school were brilliant during Lockdown whilst my child attended school as I'm a key worker - it

was very well organised, they did a fantastic job!


Really appreciate all the efforts the school made for remote learning by providing videos and

contents and also supporting with print collection.


My son has been very happy here , will be sorry to leave all the lovely teachers and staff and nice

friends he has made . I cannot thank them enough for making my son’s time here so enjoyable.


The support during lockdown and since returning to school has been absolutely wonderful!


This school has been a great school for my son and his older brother before he went to senior

school. Both my boys have done fantastic at this school and the teachers have been amazing so

caring, thoughtful and extremely helpful. All teachers did amazing work through lockdown with

home learning, videos and constant weekly phone calls to my son which I personally found very help

and he was so grateful. Thank you all


This is a fantastic school. All the staff are amazing and all play a key role in my daughter’s life,

education and happiness.


My daughter was extremely anxious starting year 3 after being out of school since March. Her

teacher put her at ease and made her happy and excited to go to school. I feel the children’s feelings

are a high priority.


My son has thrived at CHJS, his confidence has soared and we cannot believe the difference in him

since starting at CHJS. We cannot thank CHJS for all that they have done for my son it is a fantastic



The teachers and school were amazing support to my child during the pandemic was so pleased they

managed to do their trip otherwise the last year of junior school wouldn’t have been so greatly



Excellent school. Would highly recommend.


I just want to thank the school, for everything they do for this generation. You have ensured that

learning can be fun and safe during this difficult time. And I hope that everyone involved is rightfully

rewarded. Thank you for supporting my child and ensuring their education never was jeopardized.

My son really loves school and has settled well into the junior school despite the school closures. His

teachers have been fantastic with him and … I am grateful for the work his teachers have put into

this with him and the encouragement he has been given.


The school is amazing and teachers are fantastic. My son is going to really miss being here when he

leaves next year


My daughter’s two teachers have made her transition to junior school seamless. She has come on so

well but has also been allowed to share her personality. Thank you Canford Heath Junior School